The Marque Mentor Drop Shipping Program was created exclusively for Marque Mentor members. If you’re not familiar with how dropshipping works, we’ll break down everything below step by step and have you up and running in no time.

Applying to become a drop shipper

  • You must be a Marque Mentor member in good standing
  • Have a working website with your company name
  • Social Media accounts for your business showing activity in the last six months
  • Appropriate licenses or permits per your state and county
  • Complete the form below and include copies of relevant permits and/or licensing

Upon confirmation of your required documents and details to enter the drop shipping program, you will be notified within the PLP of your acceptance and a link will be shared to schedule an introductory call. This call is mandatory to move forward and will answer all of your questions on how to proceed.

For the Marque Mentor Drop Shipping program, you will be given access to 10 items with descriptions and images to place on any platforms you are selling on (Poshmark, Ebay, etc.) and your own branded social media accounts. Amazon is a prohibited website and you may not sell on that platform. Failure to comply by Marque Mentor’s Terms of Service (TOS) will result in immediate cancellation of your membership.

If approved for the dropshipping program,you will be notified within the Private Learning Platform (PLP) with next steps below.

Drop shipping products that are pre-owned offer some complexity in the process as each item is unique due to the natural differentiating characteristics of the condition of the item. To simplify this, we have created a starter package option with specific styles of Louis Vuitton.

We have selected 10 styles of Louis Vuitton handbags and small leather goods to be included in this starter package group. These items may be utilized for the drop shipping process and may be listed online on social media, select marketplaces, and on your website. Drop shipping these specific styles along with spending time in the PLP will provide you education on the brand, styles, authenticity, condition, and pricing. Over time, your confidence in the product will grow so that you may graduate from the Starter Package Drop Shipping option and move on to buying and selling, where profit margins are greater.

The Starter Package will provide you the following:

1. Photographs of the item style type with your logos watermark on each image

2. Exact wholesale and suggested resale pricing, which is dependent on specific condition grade

3. Descriptions to use within your online and social media listings

4. Detailed dimensions/measurements of the item

5. Each item sold will also contain and ship with an Authenticity Certificate from a 3rd Party authentication company

6. Items will be shipped free or charge in the United States only, direct to your customer or your location of choice, private labeled

For those Drop Shippers who have significant experience and have been vetted, the mixture of buying and selling along with more sophisticated technological integrations will be the steps.

Drop shipping opportunities are availble to Marque Mentor members only who are located with the US.


Have questions about drop shipping? We have advisors ready to answer those questions and more in the Private Learning Channel (PLP)

Advisors are standing by, ready to help you launch and grow your resale business.

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