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Marque Mentor was launched by industry professionals who wanted to fill a void in the luxury resale space by creating a “how to” from beginning to sales.

From our own collective experiences of starting resale businesses from the ground up, we understand exactly what you need to build your new business venture. So it's our mission to provide you with real-world, practical, no-nonsense help on objectives such as: launching your company, creating a website, meeting legal business requirements, sourcing wholesale products for resale and optimizing your business model and marketing strategies. We have created this advisory space for resale beginners and professionals alike to learn, create, build, collaborate, and, most importantly, SELL!

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  • Immediate access to purchase wholesale authenticated luxury goods through Marque Luxury.
  • Guidance on best practices in launching your resale business.
  • Schedule live selling appointments in any one of our showrooms to sell live on your social media with our products..
  • Admission to the Private Learning Channel ("PLP") to seek real time advice and peer-to-peer interaction via open forums on topics such as: authentication, social media, marketing, brands and product style names, resale pricing, and insider secrets.
  • Free registration to the e-course, How to Launch a Luxury Resale Business on the Teachable platform.
  • Invitation to the annual Marque Mentor Summit (when safe for all)

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