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Three reasons jewelers should consider selling pre-owned luxury goods

“It’s a natural fit,” explains Deanna Thompson, who is recognized as one of the country’s foremost authorities on pre-owned luxury goods. Thompson is known for frequent speaking engagements as well as her published books, Chanel Reference Guide, and The Beginner’s Guide to Luxury Handbag Authentication, Volumes 1-4, and A Beginner’s Guide to Louis Vuitton. Read More…..

Marque Mentor by Deanna Thompson x Her-Age

Her-Age team has interviewed Deanna Thompson, founder of Marque Mentor, which is dedicated to educating and supporting Luxury Resale Beginners and Business Owners on everything about Authentication and more. Read More…

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Industry professionals offer valuable insider access and guidance on how to build and grow a Luxury Resale Business

SILICON VALLEY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 21, 2022 / — Marque Mentor co-founder Deanna Thompson announces a website redesign to and new features to the luxury resale educational program. Read More…..

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MARQUE Continues to Innovate the Luxury Resale Industry by Launching Marque Mentor

LAS VEGAS, June 17, 2020 /PR Newswire/ — On the heels of state lockdowns and economic uncertainty due to COVID19, entrepreneurial Americans, with the lingering taste of luxury goods still in their mouths but a newfound practicality for all things financial now on their minds, have never been more in tune with dabbling in the resale market, both as buyers and sellers. And no one is more seasoned in the luxury secondary market space than MARQUE, the country’s largest wholesaler of authentic luxury goods that they have sourced from around the world. Read More……