What is the Private Learning Platform or more commonly known as the PLP?

The Marque Mentor Private Learning Platform (PLP) is the cornerstone of Marque Mentor and is where members have a private place to ask questions and receive advice from trusted industry professionals. Whether you are just starting out or have been in business, the PLP is a trusted place to learn and grow your luxury resale business.

Built on Slack, Marque Mentor’s PLP is broken down in channels for each segment of your business including but not limited to:

  • Authentication
  • Social Media
  • Marketing
  • Website Development
  • Sourcing
  • Downloads and more

Once you have logged into the PLP (Slack), you can ask anything from “How do I build a website?” or “Where can I purchase products?” to “Where can I get a resale certificate?” and receive answers immediately. Our team of industry experts are here to support you and help you be successful in your business.

“We built the PLP in a way that provides support to all members no matter where they are at in their business journey but you will only get out of it what you put in. To be successful, you have to ask questions and we’ll provide the answers”. ~Deanna Thompson, Marque Mentor Co-Founder

Marque Mentor Channels

On Slack, communication happens in channels, like chat rooms. Each channel is broken down by topic. They’re open for all members to join, and anything posted is searchable by others. For example, if you have a question about social media, ask in the #social-media channel. If you’re looking for a specific item from Marque, send a request in the #wholesale channel. To address a specific person in Slack, mention their username with the @ symbol to get their attention, and if you’re not ready to post in the channels, you can DM @deanna-marque to receive help or just bounce ideas around.

The best thing about the PLP is the community. Like minded people, learning and growing their business just like you.

Access to the Marque Mentor Private Learning Platform

As soon as you register to become a member of Marque Mentor, you will receive a welcome email with detailed information about the platform. In the welcome guide, there will be a link to join the PLP. Click on the link to set up your profile.

If you have any issues accessing the PLP, please contact mentor@marquementor.com

Take the PLP with you!

Go to slack.com/downloads to download Slack’s desktop and mobile apps. Once installed, you can receive notifications on all of your devices and chat from anywhere. Whatever you do on one device is the same everywhere.

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