What’s the perfect match for diamonds? Well, Chanel of course. 

Welcome to the Marque Mentor 14 day free trial!

As you jump into the pre-owned luxury handbag category, we’re here to support you every step of the way within the Private Learning Platform (PLP) built on Slack.

Within the PLP, you will also receive access to exclusive content created for members only, live video calls with industry professionals on specific topics to get help and gain knowledge on business related topics, and immediate support within the PLP on #authentication, pricing, styles names and more seven days a week.

Marque Mentor PLP

Here’s how the PLP works. You will be added to the Private Learning Platform (PLP) built on Slack. From there, you can post images and ask questions in any of the channels and the advisors will respond in real time, seven days a week.

Have a customer in front of you and have questions on that bag they brought in? Post in the #authentication channel and we’ll tell you if it’s authentic.

Need to find the resale price on a SLG? Post in the #pricing channel and we’ll do the research for you quickly. Style names? We’ve got you covered there too!

Any support or questions you have, we’re here for you.