Frequently Asked Questions

How can I cancel my membership?2022-01-29T10:55:26-08:00

We’re sorry to see you go but please send an email to mentor@marquementor.com and we will confirm your cancellation within one business day

How much does it cost and what are the benefits of becoming a member?2022-01-29T10:56:29-08:00

We have two membership options ($49/Month or $490/Year) and there are so many benefits to the Marque Mentor Membership like (but not limited to):

* Authentication support
* Help with Sourcing, Pricing, Style Names
* Social Media and Marketing
* Website Development
* Monthly credit to use at Marque Luxury
* Free registration to the e-course, How to Launch a Luxury Resale Business
* Immediate access to the Private Learning Platform (PLP)
* Best Practices

And anything else you will need business related support and guidance with.

I can’t log into the website2022-01-29T10:56:07-08:00

No need to log in on www.marquementor.com, actually there’s nothing here! Everything is happening in the PLP!

How do I sign up?2022-01-29T10:54:57-08:00

We do not store or have access to your private information, when paying or your Marque Mentor Membership, by clicking Join Now, a new window will open on your browser and you will see the payment page from Stripe. You can fill out all your details there and your all set!

How does wholesale work?2022-01-29T10:55:16-08:00

Marque Luxury has made the wholesale process quite easy:

  • No minimum buy-ins which means you can purchase 1 or 100 items
  • Free shipping (and returns) via FedEx
  • 90 return policy. Stock not selling? Send it back and swap it out for other items (again, free shipping)
  • Dedicated Business Development Manager to guide you through the wholesale process and will work with you on placing orders, pricing and everything in between.

To learn more or to apply for a wholesale account, please visit www.marqueluxury.com


Do I have to be a member to take the courses?2022-01-29T10:55:38-08:00

Not at all! While the first course is included free in your membership, all the courses we create are open to the public to take which can be found on Teachable.

Do I have to be a Mentor Member to purchase wholesale?2022-01-29T10:56:17-08:00

Not if you are an established business owner. You can apply for a wholesale account at www.marqueluxury.com. If you are just starting out, this is just one of the perks of becoming a Marque Mentor member. You do not have to have a license, store or anything, just a desire top build your own luxury resale business.

I still have a few questions.2022-01-29T10:55:21-08:00

We’re happy to help! You can send us an email or schedule a time to speak with Deanna, Co-Founder of Marque Mentor by scheduling a call here.

Can I still access the courses if I cancel my membership?2022-01-29T10:55:11-08:00

Yes and No. The e-course, How to Launch a Luxury Resale Business was included free in your membership so if you cancel, you will no longer have access to that e-course. If you paid for any other courses that Marque Mentor offers, you WILL continue to have access to those.

I’m just starting out and I don’t know what to do, can you help me?2022-01-29T10:55:50-08:00

Absolutely! This is why we created Marque Mentor, to guide you through the process of starting your own luxury resale business.

I currently have a business and need help on authentication and sourcing, does the membership provide guidance on that?2022-01-29T10:55:32-08:00

Absolutely. The PLP is broken down into specific topic channels so whatever you need help on, we have a channel for that and if you’re not sure or do not want to post in a channel, you can send a direct message to Deanna and she’ll make sure you receive the help you need.

Does the monthly membership wholesale credit roll over?2022-01-29T10:55:43-08:00

No. The Monthly Marque Luxury Wholesale Credit expires at the end of each month and does not roll over.

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