Up until 2019, 2021, all Louis Vuitton handbags had a date in them. This would tell you where and when that item was manufactured. This was also another great way to authenticate the bag. As of March of 2021 (with a few stragglers left) all handbags will have an RFID chip in them and NO date code. What is RFID? Let me explain.

RFID or Radio Frequency Identification Technology uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. An RFID system consists of a tiny radio transponder, a radio receiver and transmitter.

From the artist, @etai.la Louis Vuitton RFID chips taken from authentic items.

Now, don’t freak out. These chips are tiny and to dispel the rumors, they cannot and will not track you or are dangerous. These hold the information for that handbag like when and where it was manufactured and a host more but you as a consumer cannot read what was written on the chip, only Louis Vuitton employees can. When these first came out, an employee posted a video online of what they see when the chip is detected and you can watch that here but you’re not completely lost!

There are apps on IOS and Google that can detect an RFID chip which at this point in time is helpful but this will change as the counterfeiters get better at their game.

The NXP App for iPhone is the one that I have found to work the best and really all you are trying to do is detect that a chip is present. No discerning information will be shown but if you receive a newer Louis Vuitton and are having a heck of a time trying to locate the date code, try this.

To locate a RFID chip, we’ve create a simple visual which give you a general idea as to where they are located on different Louis Vuitton styles.

We hope this gives you a better understanding of what and how Louis Vuitton is using technology so don’t fret if you cannot find one in you new bag, scan for the chip!

Before there were chips there were date codes which honestly, made things a lot easier for everyone. There are still millions of bags and SLGs with date codes and understanding how to reach them, the fonts over the years and along with educating yourself on the whole brand will make it so much easier for you when shopping in the secondary market.

We’ve listed all* of the date codes below along with information on each below so just place your curser (or click on mobile) to see where and what general materials were made in that factory!!

*only LV has ALL the date codes

A2: France
864: April (4) 1986

AA: France
4027: 42nd Week of 2007

AH: France
0182: August of 2012

AN: France
882: August (8) 1982

AR: France and Italy
4160: 46th Week of 2010

AS: France
0030: 03 Week of 2000

BA: France/Italy
0955: May (05) of 1995

BE: France
1169: 16th Week of 2019

BJ: Spain/Italy
1012: 11th Week of 2002

CA: Spain
3105: 30th Week of 2015

CE: Italy
1000: October (10) 2000

CR: Spain
0180: August (8) of 2010

CT: Spain
5112: 51 Week of 2012

CV: France
2019: 21st week of 2009

DR: France
1167: 16th Week of 2017

DU: France
2173: 27th Week of 2013

ET: France
863: March (3) 1986

891: January (1) of 1989

0940: 4Th Week of 1990

FL: France/USA
0079: 7th Week of 2009

FN: Italy
2240: 24th Week of 2020

FO: Italy
0112: First week of 2012

FP: Italy
2280: 28th Week of 2020

FX: Italy
4179: 47th Week of 2019

FY: Italy
0231: 03rd Week of 2021

FZ: Italy
3280: 38Th Week of 2020

GI: Spain
2172: 27th Week of 2012

GR: France
4077: 47th Week of 2007

0196: 9th Week of 2006

LB: Spain
0072: July (07) of 2002

0066: June (06) of 2006

LU: France
5220: 52nd Week of 2020

LW: Spain
1919: November (11) of 1999

MB: France
0030: Third Week of 2000

MI: France
864: April (4) of 1986

ML: France
0241: 21st Week of 2004

MS: France
2168: 26th Week of 2018

NO: France
0966: June (06) of 1996

NZ: Italy
4148: 44th Week of 2018

OL: Germany
3097: 39th Week of 2007

PL: Italy
1158: 15th Week of 2018

RA: France
1178: 17th Week of 2018

RC: Italy
0017: First week of 2007

RE: Italy
0135: 13rd Week of 2015

RI: France
1127: 12th Week of 2017

SA: France/Italy
4183: 48th Week of 2013

SD: France / USA
2097: 29th Week of 2007

SF: France
4132: 43rd Week of 2012

SL: France
0919: January (01) of 1999

SN: France
5018: 51st Week of 2008

SP: France
0037: March (03) of 2007

SR: France
1099: 19th Week of 2009

TA: France
4200: 40th week of 2020

TH: France
0914: January (01) of 1994

TJ: France
3100: 30th week of 2010

TN: France
4240: 44th week of 2020

TR: France
3191: 39th week of 2011

TS: France
1150: 15th week of 2010

4169: 46th week of 2019

TY: France
0270: 7th week of 2020

UB: Spain
2178: 27th week of 2018

V.I.: France
8912: December(12) 1989
Note the periods between V and I

VI: France
0997: September (09) 1997

Special Order and Relined Date Codes

Special Order Alligator
AA: France

Special Order Date Code
AS: France
4170: 47th week of 2010

Relined Items
DK: France
1008: 10th week 2008