Most everyone we work with has built their resale business on Shopify. Is it the ease of creating their website? The fact that you can link your store to your social media (well, most of the time)? We’re not sure why but what we love is the training Shopify offers.

If you’re looking to level up your Shopify game, they have courses, webinars and tutorials on topics from everything to starting your business to marketing and sales.

Here are just a couple of the 77 titles they have for free!

  • 3 steps to start an online business
  • 3 ways to make sales with Instagram
  • Creativity for Business Success
  • Design your dream life

You know we’re huge believers in education so if you’re going to take the leap into becoming a business owner, why not learn for free from on the best platforms out there!

Click here to check out Shopify’s Free Courses