CC could refer to the email platform Contact Contact but if your a luxury buyer or seller, you know it stands for Coco Chanel. Same for CW which is a television station but for us, it means Colorway.

We’ve compiled a list of the most often used abbreviations for luxury terms so keep reading below to learn what they mean.

A/W: Autumn/Winter Release

B: Bumping your post to gain attention

BN: Brand New

BNWT: Brand New With tags

BIN: Buy It Now

BNIB: Brand New In Box

BOTD: Bag Of The Day

BST: Buy, Sell, Trade

FB: Facebook

F: Follow but can also be used to say an item is fake

F&F: Friends and Family. Paying via Paypal without having the protection of a credit card, also no fees.

FULL SET: This refers to everything that comes with the item, like box, dust bag, receipt, tags, booklets, ribbons and anything else that was included in the original purchase.

FW: Fall/Winter Release

GHW: Gold Hardware

H/O: Highest Offer

HG: Holy Grail. The one item you would do almost anything for!

HMU: Hit Me Up

HTF: Hard To Find

IRL: In Real Life

ISO: In Search Of

IVDSO: In Very Desperate Search Of

L: Lose but can also be for Legit

LF: Looking For

LC: Legit Check

LE: Limited Edition

ML: Referring to a size Medium/Large

MV: Market Value

NFS: Not For Sale

NIB: New In Box

NWT: New With Tags

NWOT: New Without Tags

OBO: Or Best Offer

ONO: Or Near Offer, closest to the sellers Buy It Now price

OOAK: One of a Kind

OOTD: Outfit of the day

PC: Price Check

PF: Pre-Fall Release

PFA: Picture For Attention

PIF: Pay it Forward

PM: Private Message

PP: Paypal

PPU: Pending Pick Up

PSA: Public Service Announcement

PHW: Palladium Hardware

REP: Replacement. Can also mean Replica

RHW: Ruthenium Hardware

RTW: Ready To Wear

RV: Retail Value

SA: Sales Associate

SS: Spring/Summer Release

SHW: Silver Hardware

SLG: Small Leather Goods, usually wallets, key or card holders

SM: Sales Manager

S/O: Starting Offer

TIA: Thanks In Advance

TPF: The Purse Forum (online forum for bag lovers)

TTS: True to Size

Unicorn: The same as holy grail, but sometimes referring to a harder to find, limited edition bag.

WIMB: What’s In My Bag

WOC: Wallet On Chain

WTB: Want To Buy

WTS: Want To Sell

WTT: Want To Trade

W: Win

Common Louis Vuitton Abbreviations

BB: Baby Bandouliere (mini size)

PM: Petit Modele (small size)

MM: Moyen Modele (medium size)

GM: Grande Modele (the biggest size)

NM: New Model

DE: Damier Ebene Canvas

DA: Damier Azur Canvas

NM: New model

Vachetta: Untreated cowhide leather found usually on monogram canvas bags.

Patina: When vachetta leather ages, it gets darker over time which is referred to as a patina

Clochette: French for “little bell”. A bell-shaped leather holder on a leather strap which holds a padlock key at the end.

Chanel Terms and Abbreviations

WOC: Wallet On Chain

GST: Grand Shopping Tote

PST: Petite Shopping Tote

Hermes Terms and Abbreviations

Bag Stamps: Blind and Foil stamps to denote the year of manufacture, the craftsperson who made the item, and hallmarks

B/K/C: Birkin, a Kelly or a Constance Bag. B30 is a 30cm Birkin, a C24 is a 24cm Constance

BBB or BBK: Box refers to the leather for a Black Box Birkin or a Black Box Kelly

Casaque: New color block design with two exterior colors and a different one for the interior

CITES: The CITES document is included with an exotic leather purchase and is needed for transport out of the country

CW: Colorway

Doblis: What Hermes calls Suede

Exotic: Alligator, Crocodile, Lizard and Ostrich

GP: Garden Party

GHW/RGHW/PHW/BGHW/BPHW: Hardware abbreviations for Gold Hardware (GHW), Rose Gold Hardware (RGHW), Palladium Hardware (PHW). Brushed Gold Hardware (BGHW) and Brushed Palladium Hardware (BPHW).

Heritage Leather: The heritage leathers are Barenia; Barenia Faubourg; Boxcalf; Vache Naturel; Veau Butler; and Veau Volupto.

Himalaya(n): Exotic Crocodile

Horizon: One of a kind, made to order items

HSS (Horseshoe Stamp): Made to order stamp

MKII: The current version of the mini Kelly which is 20cm

PM/TPM/GM: Hermes bag sizing: Petit Modèle (Small), Très Petit Modèle (Very Small) and Grand Modèle (Large)

Sellier/Retourne: The two structures of the Kelly bag. Sellier which has the stitching on the edges of the exterior and has a firm structured shape; Retourne which has the stitching on the interior of the bag is more supple and has a less structured shape.

TGM: Tres Grande (Large size)

TPM: Tres Petite