Build, Launch and Grow your Luxury Resale Business

Created by industry professionals, Marque Mentor gives you valuable insider access and guidance on how to build, launch and grow your own Luxury Resale Business. We'll show you where to buy and how to sell; teach you about brands and authentication; empower you with services such as our Wholesale program; and add you to our Private Learning Platform (PLP) where you'll learn and share ideas with other business owners, service providers, and industry experts. We will walk you through each step of the way to help you succeed.

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Continuing Education for the Luxury Resale Industry

Marque Mentor is committed to creating relevant content aimed at educating anyone in the Luxury Resale Industry and beyond.

With several years of experience between them, Deanna Thompson and Quentin Caruana, the co-founders of Marque Mentor want to make it easy for anyone interested in both launching a luxury resale business and learning more about the brands they will sell.

From business courses to authentication, Marque Mentor is the first and only company dedicated to your growth and continuing education in the luxury resale industry.



Support from people you can trust

As a Marque Mentor member, you receive support and guidance as you build your luxury resale business:

  • Advisors with expansive knowledge of the luxury resale industry are available to answer your questions.
  • Learn what it actually takes to launch your business
  • Real time support from people you can trust.



Private Learning Platform (PLP)

We created the PLP for Marque Mentor members to ask questions, get help in real time, learn how to start and grow their business from industry professionals. Comment and share ideas with these professionals and peers to learn business insider secrets and what makes them successful.



What makes us different?

  • We are backed by industry professionals with broad knowledge in wholesale, resale, sourcing, marketing, social media and related subjects.
  • We will walk you through the process from the beginning.
  • No upfront investments and all membership fees paid are credited towards Marque Luxury wholesale purchases.
  • Sign up today and start selling.

Marque Mentor Membership



Membership Includes

  • Monthly Membership fee of $49 gives you a $100 credit towards Marque Luxury wholesale products *
  • Educational authentication support within the PLP, just post images and advisors will respond.
  • Exclusive content created for members only
  • Live selling at any one of the Marque Luxury showrooms with their products
  • Access to Wholesale Pricing for brands like but not limited to: Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Hermes and More
  • Access to the Private Learning Platform - Learn, share ideas, early access to new products and more
  • Live video calls with industry professionals on specific topics to get help and gain knowledge
  • Private Invitation to the Marque Mentor Summit (when safe)
  • Free access to the e-course, How to Launch a Luxury Resale Business

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* Store credits provided for wholesale purchases from Marque Luxury Wholesale expire monthly during the term of membership. Annual subscribed members will receive a monthly store credit of $100 from Marque Luxury Wholesale which expire monthly.

Our goal is your success, are you ready?

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